About us

Helifix has been at the forefront of technical innovation in the design and manufacture of construction ties, fixings and masonry repair systems for nearly 30 years. During this time we have built an enviable reputation for product quality, engineering excellence and customer service and support.

Our ties and fixings are precision engineered to our own unique Hi-Fin helical design and manufactured to ISO9001:2008 quality assured standards in our UK-based factory. Our non-disruptive and concealed repair strategies and techniques enable the repair and strengthening of existing masonry to be done sympathetically, avoiding expensive rebuilding and sustaining the existing built environment.

Helifix is a division of Ancon Building Products with dedicated offices in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA, and affiliated distributors around the globe. Our products and construction techniques are used widely, in all types of structures from houses and tower blocks to churches, bridges and chimneys, and have produced cost-effective, non-disruptive solutions for all forms of masonry stabilisation in existing structures and secure, lasting connections in new build applications.

Our products and techniques are highly regarded, well recognised and well proven through a long history of worldwide use. All products are available for prompt delivery to site or office direct from our technical sales office. Contact us for service.

We are pleased to offer help and advice on the selection of the most suitable products and construction techniques for individual circumstances. We support our products and designs with complete technical information and instruct on the correct installation of all the systems supplied.

Sales/Technical Office Details:
HELIFIX, 98 Kurrajong Avenue, Mount Druitt, Sydney, NSW 2770
Tel: 1300 66 70 71, Email: sales@helifix.com.au