The Helibeam System

At the heart of Helifix remedial strategies is the unique Helibeam System of structural reinforcement and repair

The Helibeam System uses pairs of long HeliBars bonded into mortar to form deep masonry beams that reinforce and stabilise existing masonry while redistributing the structural loads.

It provides a rapid, cost-effective means of restoring structural integrity to buildings and structures where the masonry has failed and lost its load bearing capabilities. In combination with other Helifix ties and fixings it provides a comprehensive, reliable and economic system of repair and stabilisation for many commonly occuring structural faults.

1. Rake out or cut slots into the horizontal mortar beds as specified


2. Clean out slots and flush with clean water and thoroughly soak the substrate within the slot


3. Using the Helifix Pointing Gun, inject a bead of HeliBond along the back of the slot


4. Using the HeliBar Insertion Tool push one HeliBar into the grout to obtain good coverage. Then repeat steps 3 and 4


5. Insert a further bead of HeliBond over the exposed HeliBar, finishing 12mm from face and ‘iron’ firmly into the slot using the HeliBar Instertion Tool


6. Re-point the mortar bed and make good the vertical cracks with CrackBond TE

Subsidence Superstructure Repairs

For most situations the Helibeam System is able to secure the building by creating masonry beams that reinforce the existing masonry and redistribute the loads away from the problem area. Combined with tying, pinning and crack stitching, the Helibeam System will restore full structural integrity. Subsidence: Substructure repairs In some cases, use of the Helibeam System in conjunction with concrete pads under the building corners, or at selected points, minimises the need for expensive and extremely disruptive mass underpinning.

Failed lintels/window replacement programmes

If lintels have lost their load bearing capabilities the traditional solution is to cut out the brickwork, mechanically support the masonry above and install a new concrete lintel – all very disruptive, time consuming and expensive. The Helibeam System utilises the existing masonry to create a masonry beam above the window to provide the required structural support, often in conjunction with vertical pinning using DryFix or CemTies. For window replacement programmes where the window frame has been used to support the masonry, the Helibeam System provides a rapid and economical means of creating a lintel within the existing masonry.

Bowed and separated walls

Where internal and party walls have seperated from the external elevation, and depending on the individual situation, the Helibeam System gives horizontal restraint in the external wall while BowTies provide lateral restraint and grouted CemTies are used to reconnect the internal and external walls. Cracked masonry Depending on the cause of the cracking, HeliBars are grouted into channelled-out slots (normally the mortar beds) across the crack to provide simple, permanent and non-disruptive stabilisation of the masonry.

New Build Applications

The Helibeam System can be used in new build applications. For more information download the following repair detail.

  • Effectively restores structural stability
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Supports and distributes structural loads
  • No further stresses introduced
  • Accommodates normal structural movement
  • Greatly simplifies lintel and window replacement
  • Avoids expensive and disruptive dismantling and rebuilding
  • Effective in all masonry structures